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The rumors to come from CES 2013

Posted on Saturday 9th February 2013 at 16:28 PM — by ConnorSephton

Back in January, the talk of the town (as always) was CES 2013, which is where all of the biggest and best tablet manufacturers show off their wares which will be released in the coming year. Here’s a breakdown of what each company is offering.

Over at LG, there was speculation that an Android tablet would be released to firm up two upcoming smartphones. The device would provide a seven-inch screen, pixel resolution of 1920×1200, and density of 324 pixels per inch – all in all resulting in a tablet blessed with a high-quality display.

There is also continuing price pressure on Apple with some tablets offering the same spec for half the price. One example is the Archos 97 Titanium tablet, which offers exactly the same retina display as the current iPad 4.

Finally, there are many tablets that are showing off Surface in a good light. One is the ASUS VivoTab Smart Tablet, which packs a punch with a snazzy Bluetooth keyboard.

What was your favorite new model at CES 2013?