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The iPad 4

Posted on Saturday 9th February 2013 at 15:01 PM — by ConnorSephton

Apple diehards are sure to be left salivating at the new iPad 4, not least because a 128GB version has been released, offering double the storage space of the previous high-end model.

When compared to the iPad 3, noticeable improvements include the retina display, the ease of connecting to other devices, and the enhanced processor that makes things run a hell of a lot faster.

Although the iPad 4 doesn’t have enough to surpass the Super AMOLED HD technology offered by Samsung, it still provides beautiful graphics when viewed from 15 inches away as recommended. Looking to the design, you’ll also notice that it is a bit heavier than previous models, and that the four buttons provided double up to serve several functions in some circumstances.

Running on iOS6, it’s an idyllic choice for people who want a simple operating system and those who haven’t used a tablet before. Even for technophobes, sending emails and using FaceTime for video calls won’t be a daunting task that is too advanced.

All in all, it gets a thumbs up from us.